Cast of Characters

Guardian of Giria Characters | www.guardianofgiria.comGiria Wood is a large forest with a healthy population of animal families, many of whom feature in the story. Some are main characters and others are just family members who are mentioned once or twice. Together, they make quite a cast of characters. Continue reading “Cast of Characters”

Irish Book Launch – May 26th

Guardian of Giria Book Launch |

I am so excited that Guardian of Giria is now available worldwide! You can buy a copy here or through most online retailers.

I am also delighted to announce that the book will be stocked at The Book Centre in Wexford, which will also be hosting the official book launch on Saturday, May 26th at 2pm. I will be doing an introduction to the book and a short reading, followed by afternoon tea. All are welcome! Continue reading “Irish Book Launch – May 26th”

Red Deer Antlers: Annual Regrowth

A red deer stag with a massive crown of antlers is a very impressive sight. And indeed, that is part of their function – to make the stag look more impressive to the ladies. It takes a lot of testosterone to grow those antlers and it takes a lot of food to nourish them, so large antlers are a good indication of the virility and strength of the male. Unfortunately for the stags, they lose their antlers every year and then grow a new set. And while they’re between sets of antlers, they look just like the girls! Continue reading “Red Deer Antlers: Annual Regrowth”